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The International Coaching Council (ICC)
The International Coaching Council (ICC) is a long-established, world-class Center of Coaching Best-Practice, dedicated to delivering expert coaching advisory services in the field.

The Coaching Council evaluates the effectiveness of coaching interventions, tools, techniques, and processes.

The ICC is the world’s leading Center of Coaching Excellence dedicated to evidence-based behavioral coaching, health and productivity research. The Coaching Council’s ongoing international research strengthens our coach training referral services by constantly reviewing best available, coach training courses.

The Coaching Council evaluates behavioral-focused, cutting-edge professional coaching tools, techniques, models, processes and resources by using a scientific approach to confirm best practices.

To achieve successful change, the behavioral aspects which underlie a person's and/or a group's actions require rigorous evaluation and management. Professional coaches and their corporate clients alike are well aware that only validated neuro-behavioral coaching change models and techniques can quickly achieve genuine, sustainable, and measurable results.

Changing behavior with a validated neuro-behavioral toolkit has a powerful, beneficial impact on human dynamics, the cultural and environmental context of an organization, and the organization's bottom-line performance. However, building a successful career as a respected behavioral change agent first requires professional coach training by the best available coach training institution.

One of the reasons why neuro-behavioral techniques are employed by professional coaching practitioners is that they allow for data to be gathered on specific targeted behaviors, impacting the practice of a professional skill. By using appropriately validated behavioral changing technology, these targeted behaviors can easily be measured and their effectiveness evaluated in a rigorous manner.

Behavioral Coaching, with its emphasis on neuroscience and neuropsychology research and evidence, provides individuals and organizations with validated change methodology that generates lasting behavioral change and substantial bottom-line results..

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