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Recession, Underperformance, Underproductive Behavior and how Neuro Behavioral Coaching is rebuilding today's workplace..

When the pandemic and recession struck, everyone suddenly had to change their schedules, routines and work structures almost overnight. This substantial behavioral change was a shock and many found it difficult to change to their new environment. Going forward these unproductive behaviors become entrenched and the associated underperformance issues are much more difficult to remedy.

People often try to rationalize faulty behavioral patterns, rather than confront them. They pretend that it isn't happening, convince themselves that it's not important, or believe that it will sort itself out. This is dangerous.

Most managers and HR professionals are well aware that the new world environment has had a wide range of impacts on employees. That said, many managers are still wary about having potentially difficult performance conversations during a difficult time especially since underperformance can be impacted by changes in behavior.

The great majority of Coaches, Managers, Leaders, Supervisors, Team Leaders have been trained to provide performance oriented coaching via positional technical skills training, some thinking skills (motivation, perseverance etc) and feedback only. However, it is not possible to put people’s emotions and behavior in stasis. The emotional, cognitive and physical effects many people are dealing with are profound and potentially long lasting

Many recent studies have shown that “Technical Skills” (our natural skills and learnt skills through training and experience) only represent at best 20% of the input into our performance. The remaining 80% which affects performance primarily comes from our mindset (how we make sense of the world) and emotional aspects driving behavior -ie; Emotional stability, Commitment to growth, Performing well under stress, Self-awareness, Self-control, Resilience….etc). Recent studies have confirmed Managers / Leaders simply don’t understand just how deep rooted their own behavior patterns are, let alone how to positively change them in other people.

In times of prolonged economic uncertainty, candor, clarity and honesty along with care and trust are critical elements to providing a supportive and flourishing workplace environment.

When there are personal matters and mental aspects associated with underperformance, a person may not even realize any problem exists, and therefore show no insight into the causes. A behavioral trained coach (internal or external) provides a range of behavioral self-awareness programs for all people so they have the opportunity to obtain the perspective, recognize the negative behavioral drivers at work and make the necessary behavioral driver exchanges.

Coaching conversations
If a performance issue has been happening for a few days it may be a blip; if the problem is persisting for weeks then it is starting to become a pattern. Two to three months of the same behavior means that it is likely to continue unless the circumstances or environment rapidly and fundamentally change. Performance issues that have been ongoing for many months are unlikely to change substantially without two or three one-to-one, behavioral intervention coaching sessions.

Behavioral Coaching drives Performance Coaching
Unsurprisingly, changing economic conditions are simply a wake-up call for leaders to challenge themselves and their teams to best manage the worry and achieve even more ambitious results through rigorous self-awareness and the new possibilities that go with it. Uncovering any underlying maladaptive, unsuitable driving behavior and replacing them with higher-performing choices via evidence-based, behavioral change coaching is now a must for today's leaders and managers.

In times of stress people require some means to acquire personal contentedness, peace of mind, security etc. 21st Century Behavioral Focused Coaching, based on solid neuro-psychological theory and evidence-based practice, is now a proven vehicle to; 1) improve the well-being and functioning of the company (it's people) and, 2) assist those in transition -in or out of the company.

The Pioneer of Performance Behavioral Coaching
- Workplace Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation

High Performance Behavioral Coaching.
The Behavioral Coaching Institute pioneered behavioral coaching and performance coaching at work over 30 years ago and today is still the world’s leading developer and supplier of cutting edge performance coaching methodology for business / leadership / executive coaching and professional / personal development.

High Performance Neuro Behavioral Coaching provides the strongest, fast-action, antidote against stress, anxiety, negative emotions and performance related issues. It also acts as a performance, health and happiness booster to all people who receive it.

High Performance Neuro Behavioral Coaching teaches employees skills that prepare them to weather challenging stressful days and work changes. It stress-proofs them. Skills learned via a neuro-behavioral coaching model protects all employees from negative emotions, stress, anxiety, fear and worry and helps those who are affected and down to quickly and effectively recover.


High Performance Neuro Behavioral Coaching change models and tools focus on accessing the subconscious mind and the limbic section of the brain that is the critical link to the brain-mind union and how we can affect positive behavior and results for all persons.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching is preventive care. We go to the gym and/or eat well to keep healthy. We see our Doctor to get our annual physical checkup. So it makes sense to offer care and support for emotional fitness and development of the mind and brain.

The targeted behavioral intervention's objective is to have the client learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind change techniques for peak performance, rejuvenation, well-being, health and happiness.

In line with today’s new challenges and opportunities, the Behavioral Coaching Institute provides unique, world-best-class, ICC accredited coach training courses with a high performance behavioral coaching focus for individual, team and organizational development.

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The Behavioral Coaching Institute's (established 1994) internationally recognized, High Performance Behavioral Coach Diploma Course (via Self-Study / Distance Learning or Campus Program Formats) has been designed by world experts in the behavioral sciences field and is continually updated with the latest science.





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